The Iron Horse Grill

Love this website, found it on Behance, it’s by Andrej Filetin and Petra Blazincic Check out the website at

The Iron Horse is a legendary iconic landmark in Jackson, a place where music meets charcoal. Originally built as a armoured smokehouse in 1906 the building is now a part of cultural heritage in the area with a strong vintage industrial feel. After the big arson in 1999 the building was abandoned until it rose from the ashes again as The Iron Horse Grill. The place is leaning strongly on the Mississippi’s blues and rock music tradition and combining it with authentic cuisine into a unique and special place to go out to.

The Iron Horse as a building and as a club has a strong and unique story, one that needs to be told. We turned to the parallax effect as it’s an efficient way to present a narrative. By putting the story in the first plan the idea was to capture the feeling of the place as that will drive people to come and visit. The rest of the content was organized around the main story, conceptually following the same line of presentation. Detailed floor plan, upcoming events, reservations, menus, merchandize, everything is emerged into the same graphical style and inviting the user to explore. By using the already established visual identity and style we strived to build a simple yet communicative presentation.