Princess Carriage Bed

Princess Carriage Bed

Princess Carriage Bed

Fairytales truly do come true

With a wave of magic your little princess’s dreams come true in a land of fantasy and make believe. Created to indulge and inspire, the Princess Carriage Bed will surely be a magical feature to any little princess’s bedroom.

The Princess Carriage is based on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella, when her fairy godmother magically turns a pumpkin into the carriage and whisks Cinderella off to the ball.

The Princess Carriage is constructed and finished completely by hand. Each and every component of the carriage is unique, and comes complete with a bespoke mattress, two sets of handmade bed sheets, duvets, pillows and cushions made from raw silks. The base and headrest is beautifully upholstered to create the feeling of warmth and comfort.
What Princess Carriage would not be complete without a treasure chest with your child’s name on it? The chest can be made to suit your child’s needs, whether it is simply for toys or a work desk for a laptop. It can also be placed at the front or rear to suit your child’s bedroom.

Each Princess Carriage is custom built to order, allowing you to select colours and fabric that will allow your child’s personality to shine through – the options truly are limitless.

Princess Carriage dimensions: W 150 x L 300 x H 235cm

princess carriage bed
princess carriage bed


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