Monticello Treehouse

The beautiful Monticello Treehouse sits high in the leafy boughs of a mature Tulip Tree, at the end of an avenue of Cherry Trees.

The design is based on “Monticello’, a classical Italianesque house in Charlottesville USA, designed by the architect Thomas Jefferson. My client’s home in Italy was inspired by ‘Monticello’.

The Monticello Treehouse was surplus birthday present for other client’s husband. She knew he would love a treetop ‘snug’ where he could read stories to his grandchildren, or sit with family and friends for a relaxing drink.
Like an Italian Palladian villa, the Monticello Treehouse is symmetrical and has classical features such as the Doric columns which frame the doorway, the domed roof clad with patinated lead and the elegant arched windows that appear in the door above the entrance.

Access to the Monticello Treehouse isn’t immediately obvious. Its delicate spiral staircase was specially manufactured off site, and is hidden from view on the main approach to the Monticello Treehouse. This makes the Monticello Treehouse appear as though it is floating, without any obvious way to climb up to reach it.

Once the staircase has been discovered amongest the lush foliage, the veranda can be reached, curving around the outside of the Monticello Treehouse from front to back. A viewing platform, sheltered by the dramatic overhang of the roof, opens up magnificent, previously unseen views of the surrounding estate.

The interior is a simple and bright octagonal room, with paneling walls, and a hardwood floor. The space is enlivened by the trunk of the tree that grows through the center of the room.

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