How to get noticed for a job

So the other day I was in a meeting and we decided we needed to recruit. Not my biggest joy in the world, specially after the last time. 40 Interviews 100 odd CV’s, it really is exhausting reading through all the CV’s.

You’ve probably read that hiring managers will generally spend no more than 20-30 seconds analysing a candidate’s CV. I can understand why!! So how can a candidate get a job with so many applicants and so little time being spent reading them. It’s fairly simple, make it short sweet and noticeable. It shouldn’t be war and peace.

My brother in law recently asked me to print out his CV for him after he had been looking for a new job for about 10 weeks. Not a problem, he sent it through and as I guested, it was a boring plain Word Doc…..Booo! (I think no wonder it wasn’t picked up) He’s a creative chef looking for a exciting new role to get his teeth into (No pun intended) His CV looked like he was applying for a job at a greasy spoon, where no one really cares if you have a CV or not.

So I took it, re-jigged it and boom, 3 job offers in a week. I’m not saying the CV got him the job, but it did get him noticed enough to get him in the door. The rest was down to him. So here is my advise when applying for a job with a CV. Keep in simple, clean, precise and to the point. Spend the time creating your CV, it’s the first thing a potential employer see’s. Here is a couple of resources for you. CV/ Resume Templates