What is a Gifographic? Make a bigger impact with a gifographic What is a Gifographic? A Gifographic is basically a

Vladimir Leleiva
Series of drawings and drypoints about insomnia by Vladimir Leleiva from Vilnius, Lithuania. Source

Johanna Basford
First noticed Johanna Basford work though a previous colleague of mines when he worked on the Thorntons campaign. Ever since

Paris Faubourgs - bmddesign
These illustrations created by BMD Design based in Bordeaux, France. Personall I love this style of illustration. There are works

Compassion and love
I stumbled upon Zipcy’s work on Facebook, and have been following her work ever since. . Love her work she

Really like this this guys work, here are some gig posters created by Stéphane Casier, who is a graphic designer/illustrator

Love this website, found it on Behance, it’s by Andrej Filetin and Petra Blazincic Check out the website at